The famous Danny

Saw a joke from a magazine yesterday:

Danny told one of his new friend Jack that he is the most popular guy in the world and everyone knows him. Jack doesn’t believe him and asked him to proof it. So they went to a nearby bar and sat down for a drink. Jack soon noticed that everyone passingby their seats greets Danny.

After the drink Jack wanted to take it further. So they left the bar and head down the streets. To his surprise everyone walking on the street greets Danny as well !

‘Even the prime minister knows me too.’ said Danny.

Jack doesn’t believed him and so he took Jack to a road near the White House. After a while, 3 black Mercedes car passed by and stopped right in front of them. The car in the middle scrolled down the window, and the prime minister showed up.

‘Hi Danny !’ said the prime minister.

Jack was totally speechless and after a while, he told Danny:’I bet the Pope doesn’t know you’. And Danny said:’Well lets go and meet Pope and we’ll find out !’

So they went to the Pope’s house and Danny went inside the house. The Pope gave Danny a warm welcome and treat both of them with great hospitality on the balcony. Jack was totally blank and he asked to went out for a cigarette. After Danny finished chatting with the Pope, they went out of the house and found Jack fainted in the middle of the street.

‘Jack ! Jack ! What happpened to you ?!?’ asked Danny.

After gaining conciousness, Jack replied:’There was a group of visitors passing by the street and asked me a question, and then I just fainted !’

‘What they asked ?’ Danny said.

‘Who is that standing beside Danny on the balcony?’


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