Mathematics and Calculations

Since when do human beings start to know how to calculate ? Its hard to give a precise answer. However, its been way since 2000 years B.C. when there were calculations with certain degree of complexity. The oldest source of mathematics found so far is a sketch on papyrus from the great egypt kingdom around 1650 years B.C. On the sketch, there was an interesting question:

[There are 7 rooms, each room has 7 cat, each cat caught 7 mouse, each mouse ate 7 straws of wheats, each straws has 7 wheats. How much wheat has been eaten?]

During that timeframe, this question is considered to be a tough question.


room: 7

cat: 7 x 7 = 49

mouse: 49 x 7 = 343

Straws: 343 x 7 = 2401

Wheat: 2401 x 7 = 19600


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